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Carole Lynn Steiner is a published author (by a division of the largest publisher in the United States: Penguin Random House), and "MYBYBLE ... FOR THE EXTENDED LIFESPAN" covers critical areas of health, lifestyle, and financial concerns about which Ms. Steiner has been interviewed on Bloomberg Radio, television, and cable. WWW.MYBYBLE.COM 

The extended lifespan places heretofore unknown burdens on the individual in all facets of one's life. Finding easy, understandable, practical, and useful information on many topics – all under one cover – presents "MYBYBLE" as a reference tool to which the reader will refer many times over the years. A tip that lasts a lifetime is invaluable! 

Vaginal and Penile Lubrication for Sexual Relations, Good Digestion, Constipation/Elimination, Gardening Using Hydrogen Peroxide ... including for Christmas trees!, Pet Nutrition naturally, Cough to Get Your Heart Beating, Reverse/Prevent Brain Aging and Mental Fog, Hot Flashes, Remineralize Teeth, Gum Health, Financial Basics, Chopsticks (Future Sticks) Usable Even With Hand Tremors, Hum for Healthy Vocal Cords ...... are only a few of the considerable number of articles. 

The extended lifespan has made people of all ages more aware of and concerned about taking care of themselves from their teens and early adulthood through later years. There is information in "MYBYBLE" that is almost impossible to unearth through traditional research channels, yet it is critical to the well-being of any individual at different stages of one's lifetime and always relevant because it touches one personally! - wherever one lives, whatever one's age or gender - every single person needs the information that is in "MYBYBLE" in order to enhance their lives. "MYBYBLE" provides health and lifestyle solutions for the extended lifespan. These solutions enable people of all ages to improve control of their lives - health, lifestyle, finances - and allow enjoyment of a healthier body and mind through those extended years. 

The point is to enjoy the extended lifespan rather than be debilitated and be able to successfully use brain and body. 

The title is the key. This book can be referred to by every reader as "MYBYBLE" with emphasis on My! Finding just a few tips that provide happy results will be a reward forever. 


NASDAQ New York headquarters near Times Square displays special guests of
the day on the front of its building. Here is Ms. Steiner.


Steve Forbes autographed this, writing: "To Carole Lynn - A Genius!  Steve Forbes"


Carole Lynn Steiner and Company, LLC represents corporations in the industrial manufacturing arena seeking acquisitions of distressed divisions or independent entities. This would include injection molding, electronic manufacturing services, rapid prototyping services, metal fabrication, and precision machining.



Carole Lynn Steiner and Company has a very strong presence in Central and Eastern Europe. The Managing Director Carole Lynn Steiner works with Presidents and Prime Ministers, local officials, and business leaders. Ms. Steiner has introduced some of America's largest public and private companies as well as representing companies -  from other countries - to various infrastructure projects which include: remediation for soil and water contamination in and around refineries, chemical, and petrochemical plants; water and wastewater treatment plants (building and/or refurbishing); working with national and local governments to develop plans for Disaster Preparedness, Response, and Recovery; building roads, highways, airports. 

Countries in the E.U. must meet international standards in all the environmental areas. Carole Lynn Steiner has assisted the environmental divisions of U.S. global companies that are pre-eminent in the world in dealing with these issues. Other global companies seek Ms. Steiner's assistance in the pre-negotiation phases of various contracting requirements.

The Prime Minister of one country and the Mayor of the capitol of another country presented Ms. Steiner with projects for building affordable housing and apartments. These governments face this critical need, and as Ms. Steiner is well-known in the region, many projects are presented to her directly.

The leaders of two Balkan countries also proposed major significant infrastructure projects to Ms. Steiner, especially focusing on water and wastewater treatment plants and roads and highways.

In having identified more than $15 billion USD of infrastructure projects in Central Europe, Ms. Steiner also has the alliance of some of the largest banks in the world. 




Ms. Steiner has been interviewed numerous times on Bloomberg Radio and television - as well as on other major networks - regarding the financial markets and domestic and international situations. In 1999, Ms. Steiner was the first person in major broadcasting to present a program on Bloomberg Radio entitled: "The Extended Lifespan and Are You Prepared for It Financially?" The producer reported that this show received the biggest audience call-in response up to that time. This show addressed the growing and significant financial concerns of the aging, working population, and the situation is even more crucial now as focused on and explained in Ms. Steiner's book "MYBYBLE ... FOR THE EXTENDED LIFESPAN" which focuses on health as well as financial issues for the extended lifespan. Ms. Steiner is the originator of short 3 - 10 minute health tips on WOR Radio and ABC Television News.




Early in Ms. Steiner's career she was an executive for Business and Financial Development in the fifth largest medical center in the New York metropolitan area. The Director of the medical center agreed with Ms. Steiner that a newsletter was needed and tapped Ms. Steiner to do it! 

Thus, Ms. Steiner became the founder, writer, and editor of an international health newsletter which was published bi-monthly, each issue covering health, sex, exercise, and diet. It was so good that Ms. Steiner wound up developing health tips for the largest New York radio station, and that segued into health tips (using the medical center's doctors) on a television network news segment. 

This led to Ms. Steiner's research into and use of all natural nutrient supplements which have benefited many. Ms. Steiner has maintained her international medical and research contacts all these years and only believes in natural medicine about which her knowledge base - as a lay person - one could say is unparalleled. 

In 2010, Ms. Steiner saw an important need for and formed a new company - CREEMME, LLC - to market an all natural product to alleviate vaginal and penile dryness and enhance partners' relations. This product thoroughly nourishes the skin both inside the body and out, and it is 100% natural and refined to an edible grade. 


Ms. Steiner is a tea expert and represents global tea purveyors as well as advising private restaurants regarding, in particular, loose leaf tea. Over the years, Ms. Steiner has developed her vast knowledge of loose leaf teas and all teas that are new to the market. 

The art of tea is a heartfelt love for Ms. Steiner in whom this is inculcated. "It is not to be learned but must be inborn" as King Juan Carlos of Spain once complimented Ms. Steiner at a private lunch in his country home.

Carole Lynn Steiner
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